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The Peruvian Brothers,
Mario and Giuseppe Lanzone

Peruvian Brothers_Embassy of peru in usa

The Peruvian Brothers serve authentic

“Comida Criolla”, the tastiest part of their Peruvian heritage rooted in Andean, Spanish, African and Asian influences.

The flavors that dominated their childhood in Lima are the tastes they craved most after moving to the United States.

Sandwiches like Pan con Chicharrón, an addictive combination of salted pork loin and sweet potato pair nicely with fresh sides and salads packed with Superfoods from Peru.

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Peruvian Brothers_Pan con chicharrón
Peruvian Brothers_Mario Lanzone

Recipes passed down in the Lanzone family as well as Chef Mario’s own original spins on traditional Peruvian favorites give the menu an authentic taste with a unique, healthy twist.


Proudly serving

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The taste of peru

After ten years of operation, the Peruvian Brothers have expanded from one original food truck to four food trucks, restaurants, concession stands at stadiums, theatres, zoos, farmer's markets and a large scale catering company serving the entire District of Columbia metro area including Maryland and Virginia.

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Peruvian Brothers

Thanks to the Lanzone brothers, Peruvian dishes have been enjoyed at the White House, State Department, Capitol Hill, corporate lunches, summits, galas, weddings, festivals and more.

Let us do the cooking

The Peruvian Brothers have also been recognized by the Peruvian Government as official Marca Perú Ambassadors, Avocados from Perú Brand Ambassadors and recognized by the Peruvian Ambassador to the United States as official “Gastro-Diplomats” for their philanthropic support of charity efforts supporting Peruvian development.

Peruvian Brothers


Recently, Peruvian Brothers debuted their signature Rocoto Hot Sauce line adorned with tiny chullos at the top of each bottle, hand-stitched by women artisans in the mountains of Perú.

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